Our Goals

Forecasting Growth in 2019

Our first year in business was a huge success, as we broke industry records and picked up major awards for the work we produced. Year two has seen us quadruple our existing budgets, as well as pick up some major new clients in both the sports and home entertainment sectors. As such, we are looking to grow aggressively both in New York and the Tri-State area, but also developing footholds in the Mid West, West Coast and South East by the end of this calendar year.

As a start up, we believe that our Campaign Directors need to be au fait with all of our systems and best practices, so we exclusively promote and offer advancement internally. It means as we’ve grown we’ve done so with no dilution of quality or blind spots from our engorged management team.
Because of our need to grow to meet client demand, we are currently looking to fill the following roles:

Campaign Director Trainee

Designed as a three step rotation, our Campaign Directors build experience and receive mentorship in three areas prior to spearheading a campaign and managing the staff on that campaign:
We comprehensively train a Campaign Director Trainee on the following:


Events Channels

We believe that the person running the campaign should have a working knowledge of what an events campaign should look like. So we’ll have someone begin by shadowing the events team to learn the ropes and pick up the theory and the psychology of our campaigns, before then growing to work alongside them to gain practical, hands on experience on a live, immersive events campaign.



Our team tends to be full of extroverted, competitive, type A personalities. We like those people because growing a start up, hitting targets on a campaign and providing high class immersive experiences around your brand. However, learning to manage and drive those types of people, to create an environment where you can draw out the strengths of the group is something that we think requires teaching. At this stage we also cover interviewing, public speaking, online branding and training methods.



Learning how to analyse data, how to spot trends and emerging markets, how to work with a legal or financial team and how to make sure a campaign grows quickly but also in a compliant way is crucial to our success, so here we teach all the back end of running a campaign.