We Are Oui!
The Agency That Creates a Yes!

Oui: l’agence qui crée un oui!

Oui is an events-based marketing agency based in Manhattan. We specialize in building experiences around your brand that drive consumer behavior and customer loyalty. We believe events channels, ranging from flash mobs to trade shows, are a perfect way to engage with customers and showcase what your brand can offer.
Here at Oui, we believe that the purpose of a successful marketing campaign is three-fold:
Drive both the top and bottom line
Build the market share of a brand
Increase exposure of the brand in a meaningful, perception-enhancing way
A Personalized Approach

The way that companies want audiences to interact with their brands is changing. Increasingly our clients are realizing that they make money when consumers buy them; that just knowing their brand isn’t enough. Indirect channels lack the ability to talk to the individual, offering instead a kind of blanket coverage, and as such have limited impact in terms of creating a desire to buy a product or service. In the modern age, campaigns driven by big data, that treat customers as a statistic, can appear outdated when compared to more modern, innovative approaches.

By exclusively using events channels to reach your audience, we are able to engage with your customers in a meaningful way; people remember dealing with people.

People buy on emotion and justify the logic afterwards. The issue with mass-market advertising channels is that it’s difficult to make any one customer feel emotional about your brand, product or service; in trying to create content that appeals to everyone in a demographic, you create something that becomes broad at best and generic at worst. By using events channels, we can deliver bespoke content to the customer because we can see who we’re talking to and tailor ourselves to what they would want your brand to be. The message remains on point, but we can offer precision in a way that indirect channels never could and this is what has fueled our growth as an agency.